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Fascia release classes


Fascia is the connective tissue fibres that attach, enclose & stablise our muscles & internal organs. Fascia is responsible for keeping muscles in their correct position and working independently while also providing a lubricated surface to allow our muscles to move smoothly against each other in synergy.


Inactivity binds fascia together, preventing muscles from contracting and relaxing freely, leading to restricted range of movement and joint inflexibility. Regular stretching may provide some relief; however, to properly release fascia we need to apply a gentle but sustained amount of pressure to the 'bound up' area with manual therapy, either through specific massage techniques, trigger point therapy or foam rolling. This will help to break down scar tissue or adhesions between the skin, muscles & bones.


Releasing fascia may help relieve muscular & joint soreness, assist in injury recovery as well as prevention, aid in the management of back pain and maintainence of good posture, promotes lymphatic drainage and toxin removal from the body resulting in less joint swelling and fluid accumulation, and according to some accupuncturists it can even assist with fertility!! 


Classes are low intensity and light hearted- you dont need any skills or fancy clothes to participate and all equipment is provided. 

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